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Roland MPX Photo Impact Printer Head (Head Caps NOT Included)
Roland MPX Photo Impact Printer Head (Head Caps NOT Included)

Roland MPX- 80 / MPX-70 Replacement Print Head

MSRP: $409.99
Part Number:MPH-70

Roland Photo Impact Printer Head

The Roland MPX-80 replacement print head replaces the original Roland MPX-70 print head and Roland MPX-80 print head. Roland's photo impact printer head can easily be installed. Each print head includes 9 carbide tipped pins. The head caps are NOT included. Depending on the type and size of the material being used as well as the dpi, an average user can yield 3,600 impression per print head. If a pin breaks or is simply worn out, the print head manager in your software allows you to select the next pin. There is no physical labor required to change the pins in the print head. To ensure that you receive the maximum use from your MPX-80 or MPX-70 print head, make sure not to accidentally run the carbide pin off the edge or through the hole of your material. Doing so may cause the carbide tip to snag the edge of your material and break as it makes its way back towards the surface. Also, ensure you clean you MPX print head frequently. The print head manager allows you to initiate an automatic self cleaning of all the carbide pins. Upon replacement of the print head, always perform a pin adjustment to ensure each pin is striking at the same force. Refer to your users manual for more information.

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